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Alternative therapy providers

The ARHG alternative therapy database

The ARHG alternative therapy database is a resource used by subscribed health funds to simplify the process of ensuring providers meet required criteria.

Health funds use the database, in conjunction with the wording of the fund members’ policy, to determine if claims for alternative therapy services can be paid.

To become a registered provider with ARHG, you must be a member of an ARHG accredited association, and you must meet the ARHG accreditation criteria.

Accredited associations provide ARHG with a regularly updated list of eligible members and this list is then made available to the health funds who use the ARHG alternative therapy database.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.


Click here for a list outlining the associations accredited with ARHG.

Click here for a list of the private health funds that subscribe to the ARHG Alternative Therapy Database and the modalities they fund.

Click here for a list of the therapies recognised in the alternative therapy database, and their definitions.

Click here to find out who to contact and when.

This document outlines the requirements of providers who are registered on the ARHG Alternative Therapy Database.

This document outlines the requirements of associations who are accredited with ARHG.

If your practice manager or owner asks for access to your ARHG provider number, you can use this letter to inform them of the rules and guidelines around its use, including that the number can only be used for services provided by the therapist to which the number is assigned.

Training for providers

ARHG offers training for alternative therapy providers to help them understand the private health insurance industry, and how clients can claim for their services.

Our Alternative therapy providers and private health insurance training module teaches providers:

  • how the private health insurance and health care industries are regulated
  • the criteria for being recognised on the ARHG alternative therapy database
  • how to obtain and maintain an ARHG provider number
  • what is considered fraud and misconduct when providing an alternative therapy service.

On successful completion of the module, providers receive:

  • a digital credential that can be shared, embedded or printed
  • a certificate of completion.

If you are a member of a professional association, you may also be eligible to receive CPE points.

Get access to the module for $35 + GST
The module takes approximately one hour to complete. You can save your progress and restart the module at another time.
The module is available on our training platform QualiPHI. Visit QualiPHI for more information or to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your professional association to find out if you are a registered provider with ARHG. Your association will also advise you of your ARHG provider number.

Contact your professional association to find our your ARHG provider number.

Not all ARHG recognised therapies are covered by all health funds. For further information, contact the relevant health fund directly.

Yes. Provided your patient is entitled to claim benefits for your services, including your ARHG provider number on their receipt will help ensure prompt payment.

No. ARHG uses the same provider number for all of your practice addresses.

Changes to your provider details need to be made with your professional association. Your association will pass these details on to ARHG with their monthly listing. ARHG does not amend provider details directly but will make changes upon notification from the association.

Contact HICAPS or the health fund directly if you are experiencing problems processing payments through the HICAPS machine. ARHG does not have any involvement with HICAPS.

To find out why your client’s claim has been rejected:

  1. contact your professional association to confirm you are still a registered provider with ARHG.

  2. contact the health fund directly to confirm your provider status with them. You will need your ARHG provider number to hand before contacting the health fund.

  3. advise your patient to check whether their policy covers them for the services you provide.

Some health funds may choose to pay benefits for services not recognised by ARHG. In order to register for these services, you will need to contact the health fund(s) directly.

Professional associations accredited by ARHG

Participating health funds

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